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The Method of Presenting Survival After Death

By Michael Roll

A fellow traveller has kindly sent me an exceptional book that she thought I would be interested in. Indeed I am because it has a ring of truth running through it. Its message is almost identical to another philosopher that I greatly admire - Silver Birch. He was an etheric person who communicated via the former Editor of Psychic News, Maurice Barbanell. Silver Birch's teachings start from a first class base, he says:

"If I offend your reason or insult your intelligence then reject what I am saying."

The book that was sent to me was written to try and deprogramme people in Germany prior to the Nazi tragedy. It was an alternative to Christian mythology, a balance for people who actually believed in the divisive hatred of priestcraft. The Germans at this time were exactly the same as most of the Irish nation and indeed the people of the Middle East. Almost without exception they thought a book that was held up by the priests was the word of the creator of the universe - God! They were just as brainwashed as the Japanese during the Second World War who believed their Emperor was God. Just confirming Voltaire's famous dictum:

"People who believe absurdities commit atrocities."

Silver Birch's only outlet was via the Spiritualist movement, therefore, he had to tailor his message accordingly. Spiritualists are god merchants, refugees from Christianity, they are religionists who are still hanging onto their early indoctrination. Their number one principal is "The Fatherhood of God" and another is something about communicating with angels!

My secular scientific case for survival after death is only aimed at people who have totally escaped from the clutches of priestcraft, the materialists, those who are adamant that death is the end of everything. If I use the language of this German philosopher or Silver Birch I would not even get to first base as the Americans say. There would be a stampede for the door at my lectures. We have exactly the same message but a totally different method of presentation. I follow the English philosopher Thomas Paine and the Scottish philosopher Arthur Findlay. I am having incredible success going down this path. A few months ago I gave a lecture to humanists at The Secular Society. It went down very well but only because I was very careful of the words I used.

Arthur Findlay says why not put an extra "o" in the word god? The forces of goodness must be more powerful than the forces of evil in this world and the next. There has to be perfect justice in the universe otherwise we are completely wasting our time trying to bring enlightenment to mankind.