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>>...The Suppression of Knowledge (Contents)


Arthur Findlay

A history of mankind written by a British Christian or an Iranian Moslem would more than likely be a little biased, but until recently most of our history books, especially those passed by the Establishment as suitable for our schools and universities, have been written by Christians. Other, more accurate, histories are now being written, but all too often they are written by highly educated academics and therefore very difficult for the average person to understand.

In my possession I have the most exciting, unbiased history of mankind that I have ever read: "The Curse of Ignorance", by Arthur Findlay. (1947, Psychic Press). It has taken me two years of constant effort to obtain my own copy. After a while I was convinced that this book had been banned by the Establishment. Imagine my excitement when on page 1111 of volume 1, I read:

"Such, however, is still [The Church's] influence that this book, which tells the story of the past honestly and fearlessly, will be kept out of our schools and universities, and consequently only in later life will those with enquiring minds discover the truth."

Although of British birth, Findlay writes as a citizen of the world, holding no allegiance to any country or creed. His only criterion is righteousness. He writes in clear, easy to understand English, therefore not excluding the majority of the population who have not had the opportunity of higher education.

Findlay was a chartered accountant and he applied his accountant's mind to the monumental task of finding out the truth. Nothing was accepted if it could not be proved. None of his conclusions cross the laws of nature or modern science. He dismisses anything supernatural, arguing that nothing is above the laws of nature. He says that if something happens then it must come within the laws of nature. Just because we do not understand something, it does not make it supernatural. Supernormal is a better word. He never believes or disbelieves anything. If something cannot be proved, then it must be shelved, until one day when it can be proved.

Findlay and the early psychical research pioneers have received such a terrible and successful vitriolic campaign of abuse from the Establishment, through the mass media, that the modern psychical researchers have had to invent a whole new vocabulary: Extra Sensory Perception; Parascience; Parasychology etc.

If for no other reason I hope that this fact alone will make people with enquiring minds determined to find out what it is about Findlay that has so frightened the Establishment. Could it possibly be the one thing that frightens all power blocks most? The fact that the great mass of people may find out the truth.

Arthur Findlay's magnificent trilogy "On the Edge of the Etheric", offers scientific proof of life after death, which is remarkable considering it was written in the 1930's; "The Rock of Truth", showing why his findings will be kept from the people and "The Unfolding Universe", which contains philosophical writing that can only described as sublime, are all still in print and obtainable from the local library or from the Psychic News Bookshop, Clock Cottage, Stansted Hall, Essex CM24 8UD.

His last and greatest work, "The Curse of Ignorance", was out of print for many years, for reasons given, and was almost impossible to obtain. The Curse of Ignorance has now been republished. Paul Johnson in his brilliant book, "A History of Christianity" (1976), has confirmed nearly all Findlay's uncomfortable facts. Johnson tells of the almost total destruction of education from the fourth century until the Renaissance, and he goes into the Christian killings in even greater detail than Findlay.

Findlay is not only offering proof of life after death but the reason and purpose of our short stay on earth. He makes it absolutely clear why it is vital to obey the moral codes of ethics that run through all philosophies. His proof is based on scientific facts, not, as the Establishment desperately want people to believe, on the so-called supernatural. Again the truth is completely opposite to what we have been led to believe. Findlay is the deadly enemy of the supernatural. It is the Christians who are peddling the supernatural and the psychical researchers who are investigating the natural. It is criminal that people should be denied even the chance of deciding for themselves.

If, as we are told, this is a free country, I challenge the men and women who have access to the mass media to place this information before the public.

It will take great courage, because it will eventually mean the end of organised religion. There will be no more Catholics or Protestants. All Christians, Jews, Moslems etc., will carry the same label; Freethinkers, students of philosophy, with open minds; citizens of the world, all subject to the same Jaws of nature.

People will be able to check for themselves the seemingly outrageous statements, contained in this paper. Armed with this information they will be free to walk into any reference library and look up, for example, The Council of Nicaea.

Arthur Findlay, like many great thinkers, was born just a little too soon. Science has now proved that just because we cannot see something, it does not mean that it does not exist. The distances and speeds within the atom are just as staggering as they are in space.

I will never forget Carl Sagan standing in a great reference library, surrounded by a million books. He said:

"In one person's lifetime it is only possible to read this many books."

(pointing to a tiny section). He then looked at the camera and said:

"The trick is to read the right books."


The Oxford Dictionary makes it very clear that a heathen is a person who is lucky enough not to have been brainwashed by Jewish, Christian or Muslim priests.

Now we can understand how it was so easy for that Christian gentleman, Brig. Gen. Reginald Dyer, to order his troops to open fire on a peaceful crowd of heathen men, women, children and babies at Amritsar in India in 1919. This highly intelligent, well educated man had been brainwashed from birth into seriously believing that the Holy Bible is the word of God. There are many passages in this dangerous book that unambiguously instruct believers to kill and enslave heathens. Dyer must have been deeply shocked to have been court-martialled. After all, he was only carrying out his God's instructions. The House of Lords justified Dyer's conduct on the ground that he saved British rule in the Punjab.

However, this permanently open season on the heathens did not stop the Jews, Christians and Muslims from killing and enslaving each other all down through the ages, whenever they got the chance.