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"Russell" by Gwen Byrne (1994)

A bereaved father was horrified to find this book was out of print, and paid for the book to be reprinted in paperback.

This is the greatest love story ever told. Gwen has been physically reunited with her "dead" son Russell during scores of repeatable experiments. There can't be anything worse than losing a son or a daughter. Can you begin to imagine the comfort and hope this book has given to other parents in the same boat? All those who have read this book now know that losing a loved one is only a temporary tragedy.

A mother who had lost a son wrote:

"After reading your scientific thesis my pillow is now dry at night, I am a different woman."

Order your copy from:

Gwen Byrne
62, Station Crescent,
Essex SS6 8AR

Price including post and packing £7.99 (US$ 20).

For postage to Europe, please add £2 to UK postage.
For postage outside Europe, please add £5 to UK postage.

Please make cheques payable to Gwen Byrne.

Interview with Gwen Byrne

March 13, 2004: An excerpt from the Richard Syrett Show on Mojo Radio, Toronto, in which Gwen Byrne discusses an audio recording of the materialisation of her son, Russell. Additional comments by Tom Harrison.



Time: 8:28mins


Format: MP3


Size: 4.8MB

(MP3 - What's that?)

Comment by Michael Roll:

Mental mediums like John Edward give first class evidence that we all survive the death of our physical bodies and that we carry on living in the invisible part of the universe. However, a materialisation medium as good as Rita Goold gives the crushing scientific proof. The next time a medium as advanced as this comes on the scene our qualified scientific team will go in with the cameras so that every person on Earth will be able to see people like Gwen and her husband Alf being physically reunited with their "dead" loved ones.

Related material on this site:

Witnessed statements by Pat Jeffrey and Gwen Byrne (July, 1999), confirming that they have been reunited with their deceased sons during repeatable experiments with a materialisation medium. (JPEG file, 112KB)

A First-Hand Account of Materialisation Mediumship - Michael Roll describes an experiment he attended with the materialisation medium Rita Goold. This account was written in 1983, but was not accepted for publication until 1992.