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"They Walk Among Us" - Emma Heathcote-James

This new book presents the secular scientific case for survival after death with the mathematical backup - the proof that we all survive the death of our physical bodies.

It is dedicated to Ron Pearson, Michael Roll, and John Samson.

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Hardback, 288 pages, £16.99

Published: June 30, 2004 - Order online

They Walk Among Us

About the book:

This book contains the best scientific evidence yet collected for the reality of life after death. It challenges the accepted ideas of exactly what we are and what we become after we die. Written for the enquirer, layman, and accustomed reader alike, it looks in-depth at the one, little known phenomenon of materialization mediumship - which is the only thing that, in laboratory conditions and with scientific backup, proves that there really is an afterlife.

The book explores such experiments, discussing how "spirits" of deceased relatives manifest in solid forms and walk about no different to us - they can be held, touched, and spoken with. For the first time, Emma shares with us Ronald Pearson's suppressed physics and mathematical formulae, which show these phenomena to be a natural law - not something improbable or in the realms of so-called "parapsychology".

The extensive research collects around the experiences of Heathcote-James, the first "outsider" journalist to analyze and detail the astonishing and rare physical phenomena of materialisation.

Written with an open and enquiring mind, this radical book is for people willing to cast aside traditional, religious, and orthodox notions of the afterlife and "spirit world". It may alter your views, it will certainly make you question, and through user-friendly physics explains the astounding new and, as some claim, conclusive evidence of survival after death. Such findings within these pages can only bring comfort and lessen fear of the next world.

From the Author:

Apparitions and visions of deceased loved ones being seen again after their physical bodies had been buried or cremated are the oldest and most common type of paranormal phenomena, and one which my last book After Death Communications dealt exclusively with. The notion of an afterlife and stories of ghostly sightings have been circling around as long as man has inhabited the earth. This preoccupation with the next world, and longing for confirmation that our loved ones have lived on and are able to somehow communicate that fact to us, has become an integral part of many people’s lives, yet is still treated with suspicion, as a taboo.

It is a little known fact that for over 100 years we have actually had experimental scientific proof that we all survive the death of our physical bodies, that the living mind separates from the dead brain.

There are many credible documented accounts of full and partial materialisations of known deceased people and animals, objects, and sitters being levitated, the apportation of flowers, coins, and other objects, and detailed and specific information coming from the mouths of those who have passed on. Such goings on happen within the branch of physical mediumship, which is a very rare phenomenon. It has been estimated that only one in 100,000 people has the ability to develop this gift, and it generally takes twenty years or so of disciplined effort to do so.

Physical mediumship producing materialisations is currently the only phenomenon that can be used to provide experimental proof of survival after death. During such physical "séances", or sittings, what I am interested most in is the fact these rare mediums are able to bring the deceased back to Earth in solid form. Everyone present in the room is able to see, touch, speak with, and hold their deceased loved ones... it is this and the implications that come with it that are explored in the book.

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Published: June 30, 2004