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Etheric Voices on Tape

Students reading survival after death as a branch of physics will be interested in a book by Judith Chisholm, the head of The Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) & Transcommunication Society of Great Britain & Ireland.

This book tells how the author recorded her son's voice two years after his death, and how the reader can, by simple experiment, also hear the voices of lost loved ones speaking from the etheric wavelengths. While there is no guarantee, it can certainly be said to work for many.

Order post-free in the UK from:

Jon Carpenter Publishing
Direct Sales Dept.
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Sandy Lane
St. Paul's Cray
Kent BR5 3HZ

Price: £9.95

To order by credit card (Visa or Mastercard):

Phone or fax (+44) (0)1689 870437 Postage on overseas orders: add 10% for Europe, 20% rest of world.