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Books by James Webster

"The Case Against Reincarnation - A Rational Approach" - by James Webster

The Case Against Reincarnation

The new book from James Webster presents his case against reincarnation with fine backup evidence from a wide input - past and present - to provide the reader with a wealth of information to guide them out of the reincarnation jungle and into the light of more positive and acceptable understanding.

About the author

James Webster has spent over fifty years researching and investigating the afterlife (life after death) and the paranormal. He has no problem in accepting that we all survive physical death with certain opportunity to reunite with loved ones and friends who have previously passed over. Also that we progress through finer spiritual planes at our own pace. What he does not accept is an increasingly popular concept of returning to live again (perhaps many times) on Earth in another physical body.

Order your copy here.

"Life is Forever" - by James Webster

Life Is ForEver

At last a new book has been published setting out the secular scientific case for survival after death. This former stage magician tells us everything that his fellow magician James Randi is very careful not to tell us. The only difference is that Randi has been given total freedom of all media outlets to state his case for oblivion, and Webster is never allowed to give a balance in the "free" country of Great Britain.

To quote Voltaire:

"...and this is how things will remain all the time good people continue to do nothing."

Only giving the scientific case for oblivion, without any balance, is also against Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The British public are only allowed access to one expert opinion - the thoughts of Dr. Richard Wiseman and Dr. Susan Blackmore, professional debunkers, who have started from the base that the mind and brain are the same. The other expert opinion, a separate mind and brain, as put forward by our pioneers of radio and television, Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge & John Logie Baird, is not only censored in Britain, but also in most other countries!

"The resistance to new ideas increase by the square of their importance."

Russell's Law


Order your copy from:

Woodside Publications
Canadia Road
East Sussex

Hardback (ISBN: 0-9538073-1-2) £14.99p free post & packing (U.K. only).
Paperback (ISBN: 0-9538073-0-4) £9.99p free post & packing (U.K. only).
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What I found was the clarity in the way in which James expresses himself in talking with him and in the written word. The anecdotal stories he relates are so vivid and evidentual which makes them so striking. They capture the imagination of the individual reading the material and I find it so refreshing instead of the questionable, bland and run-of-the-mill reporting we get so much of today. The writing is quite riveting and I think the evidence stands up for itself.

James is one of the very few I have met who, when I have listened to him, have found so absorbing. I feel that the reader needs something to make them think, and capture their imagination, and really drive home the value of good evidence on this so important subject. This book will certainly help to fill that need.

I certainly endorse Life Is ForEver and hope it will be the forerunner of further books by James Webster in the future. 

Alan E. Crossley
June 1999

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The Mode of Future Existence - 1933 Lecture by Sir Oliver Lodge FRS (1851-1940)

This article is censored from all large-circulation papers and magazines throughout the world because it links the subject of survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe.

A Critique of Susan Blackmore's Dying to Live and her Dying Brain Hypothesis - an article by Greg Stone

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