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Censored in Great Britain


By Michael Roll

Sir William Crookes FRS and Sir Oliver Lodge FRS

Let's examine the scientific credentials of these two men who have been described as liars, cheats, cranks and frauds. Crookes has even had the label "sex maniac" tagged on for good measure. Character assassination is the modern method used in place of burning at the stake by contemporary holy inquisitors of the faith and their pseudo-scientific allies who have a great deal to lose if people ever find out that Crookes and Lodge were correct; that the subject of survival after death is a branch of physics - natural philosophy, not religion and parapsychology. Hence the following statement from Canon Michael Perry, the Editor of the journal of The Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies (Letter to me dated 25th September, 1987):

"It is the consensus of opinion amongst knowledgeable students of the subject that Crookes was sexually infatuated with the medium he worked with."

It was a materialist called Walter Mann who first floated this diabolical lie that Crookes was sexually involved with the medium he worked with. This was in the same year that Crookes died, 1919, otherwise Mann would have been on the receiving end of a hefty law suit. The tragedy is that it is the opinion of this unqualified nonentity that just about every so-called expert in the vast life after death industry has taken as the correct version. Not the conclusions of one of the greatest and most highly qualified scientists that our country has ever produced. This vicious sexual attack has been carried on by a contemporary writer called Trevor Hall and others who are always given complete freedom of the columns of the journal of The Society for Psychical Research. Even though Ronald Pearson went to Edinburgh and met the Editor Dr. John Beloff, none of his work has appeared in the SPR journal! This biased approach is exposed in Dr. Beloff's new book, "Parapsychology: a Concise History". I quote just two passages:

"Survival research can no longer be considered part of the cutting edge of parapsychology"

"All possible mediumistic phenomena can be more economically explained, without hypothesising a surviving immaterial spirit, by appealing to the supposed psi (ESP & PK) power of the medium."

No wonder Beloff never allows the supporters of Crookes, Lodge and Baird to write in "his" SPR journal. The following is what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about the corruption in the SPR on 22nd January, 1930:

"The Society for Psychical Research seems to have become simply an anti-spiritual organisation. Everything which tends to prove survival, no matter how honourable or sane the source may be, is assailed by suppression, misrepresentation and every sort of unreasonable and vicious opposition... the society has done no constructive work of any importance, and has employed its energies in hindering and belittling those who are engaged in real active psychical research. The influence of the society is entirely for evil."

I have informed the Secretary of The Royal Society about the treatment that is being meted out to their ex-President by the SPR. The reply I received showed that The Royal Society is part of this conspiracy to keep the truth from the people. The letter said The Royal Society has a long-standing policy dating from the 17th century (this was when the Vatican was murdering and persecuting scientists - Giordano Bruno & Galileo) never to "meddle" into life after death. They have a pact with the priests! This was confirmed when Professor Stephen Hawking came on television following his meeting with the Pope. Hawking reported that the Pope said to him

"I do not care what you do, just so long as you do not encroach on in my subject - life after death."

Here we have a clear case of the religionists and materialists working together to block the scientific proof of survival after death.

Ronald Pearson was very well received when he lectured to Professor Stephen Hawking's students at Cambridge University. Hawking holds the same post at Cambridge that was once occupied by Sir Isaac Newton. Pearson is following Newton but not Hawking. We now have a simple choice. Hawking's "death is the end of everything" or Crookes' and Pearson's survival theory. Just look at Crookes's credentials:

Sir William Crookes FRS (1832-1919) (Order of Merit and President of The Royal Society

O.M. 1910. President of the Royal Society. LL.D (Birmingham) D.Sc. (Oxon., Camb., Ireland, Cape of Good Hope, Sheffield, Durham). Foreign Secretary Royal Society, 1908-12. President Chemical Society. Brit. Assoc. Inst. Elect. Eng., Soc. Chem. Industry Hon. Mem. Royal Phil. Soc. Glasgow. Royal Society. N. S. W. Pharm. Soc.. Chem. Metal. & Mining Soc. of South Africa. Amer. Chem. Soc.. Amer. Philos. Soc.. Royal Soc. Sci. Upsala. Deutsche Chem. Gesell. Berlin. Psychol. Soc. Paris. Antonio Alzate Sci. Soc. Mexico. Sci. Soc. Bucharest. Reg.. Accad Zetanli: Foreign Mem. Lincei. Rome. Corresp. Inst. de France (Acad. Lincei. Rome). Corresp, Inst. de France (Acad. Sci): Corresp. Mem. Bataafsch. Genoots. Rotterdam. Soc. & Encouragement pour L'lnd. Paris.. For. Assoc. National Acad. Sciences. Washington. Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Royal Medallist. Davy Medallist. Copley Medallist. And three times Bakerian Lecturer of the Royal Society. Proprietor and Editor of Chemical News. Knighted.

Now look at the conclusions of Sir Oliver Lodge:

"I have been in touch with the minds of certain people who have parted from their bodies. How can a mind get in touch with us when it has no body? It must borrow some material form; but because "spirits" are discarnate it does not mean they have no bodies. They have substantial bodies, not made up of matter, but as I think of ether."

The physics laboratory at Liverpool University is named after Sir Oliver Lodge. This is the man the "experts" (parapsychologists) on paranormal phenomena are calling gullible whenever they get the chance. I don't think a physics laboratory would be named after a scientist who was gullible. Sir Oliver was the first person to transmit a message by radio on 14th August 1894. The reason why Lodge's contribution to radio has been played down is solely because he dared to say that paranormal phenomena is in fact a branch of physics. See how his credentials match those of Crookes:

Sir Oliver Lodge FRS (1851-1940) (Fellow of the Royal Society)

D.Sc.(Lond): Hon. D.Sc.(Oxon): Hon. Sc.D. (Cantab.).. Hon.LL.D. (Liverpool. Manchester. Sheffield. Adelaide. Toronto). Hon. M.A. (Birmingham): Mem. Inst. Elec. Engineers. Hon. Mem. Lit. Phil. Soc. (Manchester), Corr. Nem. Amer. Phil. Soc. (Philadelphia). Corr. Mem. Accad. Sci. dell'lstituto (Bologna). Corr. Mem. Bataafsch Genoots (Rotterdam). Hon. Mem. Inst. Elec. Engineers.. President of the Radio Society: Rumford Medallist of the Royal Society: Albert Medallist of the Royal Society of Arts. as Pioneer in Wireless Telegraphy., President of the Physical Society. President of the British Ass. President of the Rontgen Society.. Professor of Physics in the University of Liverpool.. Principal of the University of Birmingham. Knighted.

The following statements prove there is a conspiracy to suppress uncomfortable discoveries in subatomic physics; that there is an unholy alliance between pseudo-scientists fighting to keep their power-structures intact, and priests who are fighting to defend their faiths and therefore keep their monopoly on the life after death industry. The scientific conspiracy is encapsulated in this statement by Adrian Berry, the Science Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph:

"Few subjects more infuriate scientists than claims of paranormal phenomena because, if confirmed, the whole fabric of science would be threatened."

Science is derived from the Latin word for seeking after knowledge. Scientific endeavour as such can never be contested as wrong, but current orthodox scientific thinking most certainly can, especially if the wrong beacon is being followed - Einstein's Theory of Relativity - flawed by internal contradictions and incompatible with both Quantum Theory and the Ether Theory. The following statement from The Rev'd Don Cupitt, Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge University encompasses the religious conspiracy:

"Somehow, everybody knows that Christianity is the Church and the Church is a power-structure, an apparatus for limiting freedom in belief and morals."

In 1939 the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Cosmo Lang, suppressed the findings of his own Church of England Commission that was positive towards the fact that international teams of scientists had proved by repeatable experiments that we have a soul: that the mind is separate from the brain, and that it is a scientific fact that we all survive death, not just Christians after some mythical judgement day. This is what Bishop George Appleton of Oxford University said to me in a letter dated 26th March, 1982:

"The report you quote of the commission appointed by Cosmo Lang indicated that it was a subject that ought to be taken seriously by Christians, and I welcome your quotation from Bishop Mervyn Stockwood, a friend of mine."


Baird, John Logie "Sermons, Soap and Television" 1988 from The Royal Television Society £4.75p post paid. Tavistock Square. London WC1H 9HR. Page 65 shows a picture of Baird with his new invention - the infra-red camera - working with Sir Oliver Lodge. Baird tells how the "dead" American genius Thomas Alva Edison helped him, making contact through a medium. Baird goes on to tell how one of his scientific colleagues took the finger-prints of an etheric person. These proved to be identical to the ones on the dead physical body. This is proof of survival - irrefutable proof that would be accepted by a court of law.

Constable, A "Early Wireless" 1980 (Midas Books). This book makes it very clear there would be no radio or television if it had not been for Crookes and Lodge. Crookes is even in the dictionary for his work on the cathode ray tube.

"Lodging a Claim to Radio Fame". An article by Charles Arthur in the 'New Scientist". Reviewing a new biography on Sir Oliver Lodge by Brian Austin. 16th July, 1994

In 1993, after a great deal of pressure, The Radio Authority removed the censorship clause from their broadcasting code. People had been banned from talking about survival after death on the air in a serious, scientific manner in this "free" country! Until the Church is disestablished, this assault on freedom of speech will continue.

The BBC television series "Heretic" exposed the fact that the engineer Professor Robert Jahn was sacked from his senior position at Princeton University, USA for telling the truth, that so-called paranormal phenomena is a branch of subatomic physics. This was followed by a Sky Television documentary showing Prof. Jahn connecting survival after death with quantum mechanics - wave/particle duality - something that is natural and normal.

Crawford, W.J. D.Sc. "The Reality of Psychical Phenomena". (E.P. Dutton & Company) 1918.


This pamphlet is aimed at my fellow secularists (non-religionists) like Prof. Richard Dawkins of the Department of Zoology at Oxford University. He is one of the handful of academics with the courage to come out in the open and warn how dangerous it is to believe in the mythology of priestcraft. His article "Is Religion Just a Disease?", published in the Daily Telegraph on 15th December 1993, has gone a long way to making people start to think for themselves. The scientist Arthur C. Clarke has also waded in against the peddlers of divisive, supernatural fiction who still have almost total control of education and all the means of mass communication backed up with unlimited funds. Clarke is reported to have said in The Sunday Times Review on 16th October, 1994:

"The greatest tragedy in mankind's entire history may be the hijacking of morality by religion... here are sanctimonious nitwits calling for a return to morals based on superstition."

What really beggars the mind is that even freethinkers like Dawkins and Clarke have still fallen for the highly efficient religious propaganda machine that all scientists who say we survive death are "Spiritualists"! Spiritualism is an officially recognised monotheistic religion. Nobody who has escaped from the clutches of priestcraft could possibly enter a place called a church and take part in a service, listening to a minister of religion reading from the bible and asking us to sing hymns under the sign of the cross, the symbol of the greatest killing machine that the world has ever witnessed. But this is the mud that has stuck. The Rev'd Don Cupitt in his television series "Sea of Faith" is guilty of spreading this propaganda. He praised the writer and scientist Sir Arthur Conan Doyle MD, then made out that Doyle had somehow gone mad and started "dabbling in Spiritualism". Again the truth is completely opposite. Scientists never dabble in anything, they always make a very careful study of their subject. It is the victims of priestcraft who are dabbling in things, not scientists and philosophers. This is also the mud that has stuck to Sir William Crookes in spite of the fact that he made the following statements:

"Cut out the Spiritualist jargon... Spiritualists look upon scientific investigation as a desecration of their shrine."

It is exactly the same today. Many Spiritualists, but not all, have been fighting just as hard as their fellow religionists at the Vatican to block the scientific backup for what mediums have been saying - that our loved ones are not dead. Secular scientists and philosophers (derived from the Greek word for seekers after knowledge) would rather die themselves than kill anybody. The only deadly weapon in our armoury is the sheer weight of logical argument. Survivalists can live next door and be great friends with materialists, just differing over the nature of our existence on earth.

The only way I can win Prof. Richard Dawkins over to accepting survival after death is if I keep hitting him with scientific facts. When people fully materialise from the etheric world at our experiments, they answer all the questions we fire at them. This then becomes hearsay, not scientific facts. I hit Prof. Dawkins with hearsay at my peril. This mountain of hearsay coming from the people in the "next world" is very interesting, but we can only put this in our pending tray as something to think about. It is only the priests who want you grovelling before them and blindly believing in their supernatural, divisive doctrines and dogmas. Scientists and philosophers want you standing up straight with your head held high, very carefully checking everything that is said. We must all remove the dreadful priestly word "belief" from our vocabularies. Untold millions have died solely because they did not believe in the same supernatural mythology as the person in the next street, village, town, city or country. Look at priest-ridden Northern Ireland, the Middle East, India and most of all Bosnia - the cause of the First World War and therefore indirectly, the Second World War.


Findlay, Arthur "On the Edge of the Etheric" 1931 (The Psychic Press) From Psychic News Bookshop. Clock Cottage. Stansted Hall, Essex CM24 8UD.

Sagan, Carl "Cosmos" 1980 (Macdonald) This book together with Sagan's thirteen-part television series started the thinking revolution. Millions found out overnight what every intellectual already knew - that our official history books are a pack of lies. That it was the Christians who destroyed education in the Roman Empire and plunged the known world into the Dark Ages.

Gundry, D.W. The Churches Correspondent of the "Telegraph" made the following report:

"The holocaust could never have taken place had it not been for the theological thinking of Christendom about Jews, and their ostracism by the Christians of Europe, the Bishop of Birmingham - Dr. Hugh Montefiore - told the clergy of Stepney yesterday."

I know it sounds daft, but Christians actually blame the Jews for killing their god! The Germans, like the Irish, are not pretending they really believe in priestcraft. Therefore, it was easy for Hitler to whip up hatred against the Jews.

Martin Luther, the German Christian hero and founder of the Protestant movement, said in 1543.

"The synagogues should be set on fire and Jewish homes likewise destroyed."

At his trial in 1946 the Nazi Jew-baiter, Julius Streicher, actually claimed that Luther ought to be in the dock:

"Dr. Martin Luther would very probably be sitting in my place in the defendants' dock today if this book had been taken into consideration by the Prosecution. In the book 'The Jews and Their Lies,' Dr. Martin Luther writes that the Jews are a serpent's brood and one should burn down their synagogues and destroy them..."

(Source: Martin Luther's dirty little book: On the Jews and their lies, by Jim Walker (1998))

This pamphlet is also dedicated to fellow freethinkers, Professor Peter Atkins of the Dept. of Chemistry at Oxford University and the American philosopher Gore Vidal.

"All theology is gobbledygook" - Professor Peter Atkins

"The one-god religions are easily the greatest disaster ever to be inflicted on the human race." - Gore Vidal

I shudder to think what Gore Vidal must think of the Christian-sponsored victor in the October 1994 USA elections who made the following statement on a TV interview:

"Now that we have taken over the Senate and the House of Representatives we can get this Darwin nonsense out of our schools and replace it with the Bible."

It will be impossible to keep the truth from reaching the people for much longer. Contemporary obscurants with a great deal to lose are fighting just as hard as the medieval lot. As the Duke of Wellington said at Waterloo:

"It is hard pounding, we shall just see who can pound the hardest."




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