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Censored in Great Britain


By Michael Roll


Nothing happened yesterday in the laws of physics that does not happen today. All those who have taken part in contemporary experiments with materialisation mediums are in a position to mark all the work and conclusions of our ancestors who had no knowledge of subatomic physics. When people with no scientific knowledge witnessed the same phenomena - they understandably thought that something supernatural had taken place. This is why Jesus was made into the 17th saviour-god known to historians when he was reported to have come back and proved to his friends that he had conquered death. It was something natural, not supernatural that led to the invention of all the divisive religions throughout the world. I met my "dead" father at an experiment. He was a very good cricketer, but definitely not the creator of the universe.

Now that we are armed with the missing mathematics it is important to repeat the pioneering experiments of Crookes, Richet and others, using Logie Baird's infrared camera which has now been perfected, together with other sophisticated equipment. The mediums are also improving. Crookes only had one etheric person to work with and she had "died" so long ago that they were unable to get any relations to take part in his experiments. This part of the scientific exercise has now been carried out very successfully. The Jeffery family have been reunited with their "dead" sixteen year old son, who was killed on his motorcycle, in over 100 repeatable experiments. The Byrne family have been reunited with their nine year old son, who "died" of cancer, on something like 100 repeatable experiments. Gwen has just published her book which is giving tremendous comfort to all mothers and fathers who have gone through the same hell on earth, losing a child. Come on you journalists and broadcasters, these families are waiting to be interviewed and to share their wonderful experience with every person in the world.

Number one priority must now be to actually capture on film recently deceased people being physically reunited with their friends and relations on Earth. Professor Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona has the funding and equipment required, and is ready to proceed with repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions as soon as a first class materialisation medium comes forward and dedicates his or her gift to proving survival after death. The British Nobel Laureate for Physics, Professor B.D. Josephson, has put in writing to me that he will take part in the experiments just as long as they fit in with his busy schedule. And so will Professor Peter Wadhams (Ocean Physics), also from Cambridge University - a very different attitude to the scientific bigotry encountered by Sir William Crookes, judging by this quote taken from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book "The Vital Message", 1919:

"Sir William Crookes appealed to Sir George Stokes, the Secretary of the Royal Society, to come down to his laboratory and see the experiments but he took no notice."

It is asking a lot for a medium to work with scientists to prove survival after death, because they have to put their lives in the hands of those who carry out the experiments. They are all very nervous; they know what happened to Helen Duncan. I have experienced first hand the hatred from those in authority who will be ruined if millions find out the truth. Remember it was the lucky mediums whom the Church burnt at the stake or drowned, the vast majority were slowly tortured to death in order to get more names for the holy inquisitors of the faith to get stuck into in the Renaissance. The only way to defend a supernatural faith is to keep the truth from the masses. The hatred coming from the scientific side today is even worse than the Church. I have a letter from Dr. John Habgood, the Archbishop of York saying, they are now taking the subject more seriously, and have a department within the Church looking into paranormal phenomena. This is not the case with orthodox science. Every scientific text book in the world will have to be rewritten when the people find out we should not have ditched Sir Isaac Newton for Einstein.


Byrne, Gwen "Russell" 1994. Gwen has set up her own society for grieving parents - The Pink Panther Society. I have sent this paper to all the members of the Pink Panther Society. A mother who had lost a son kindly wrote the following:

"After reading your scientific thesis my pillow is now dry at night, I am a different woman."

One does not get paid for fighting the corrupt establishment forces but I would not swap the happiness that this has given me for a million pounds.

Crossley, Alan E "The Story of Helen Duncan: Materialisation Medium" 1975 (Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd. Devon). Helen was convicted under the Witchcraft Act and went to prison in 1944. She was killed as the result of a police raid in 1956.

Unfortunately no scientific work was carried out with Helen Duncan before she died. However, we do have the reports that were submitted by a team of magicians headed by William Goldston - the founder of the Magicians Club. Goldston and his colleagues were astounded when their "dead" friend materialised, the magician The Great Lafayette. Being true to the codes of conduct demanded by the Magic Circle, Goldston wrote a report to the Psychic News confirming that Helen Duncan's mediumship was genuine, and that no magician could possibly duplicate the phenomena that he and his fellow magicians had witnessed.

Notice that the magician James Randi and his pals on the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) are always very careful not to bring this report to the public's attention.

I have claimed the £1,000,000 offered by James Randi, sending him proof that Prof. John Hasted of the physics department at London University had proved that so-called psychic phenomena exist. This is when we find out that these public offers of money are a hoax. What Randi does not tell us on TV is that we first of all have to satisfy, his own twelve conditions. He does not recognise the findings of qualified, independent scientists. His conditions are so outrageous that he will never have to part with any money!

Granada TV gave Randi his own series, "James Randi Psychic Investigator". This fraud was exposed by Garry Bushell of The Sun. On 8th August, 1991 Garry asked why those scientists who claim there is a rational case for life after death have been kept off the programme? He also asked why the comments from the astrophysicist Sam Nicholls MSc were cut from the show on mediums.

Dr. Susan Blackmore, who proudly boasts a certificate from Randi's (CSICOP) organisation, was given the freedom of the Channel 4 "Comment" slot to put the case for the mind dying with the brain. I was officially blocked from giving a balance! The Producer Andrew Curry wrote and told me he is not responsible for the sins and iniquities of the entire British broadcasting system, making it clear that the censorship had come from above, not from him. (Letter dated 8th February, 1988)

Milton, Richard "Forbidden Science" 1994 Forth Estate Ltd. This book exposes CSICOP as a front organisation for orthodox scientific thinking. Their members are acting as inquisitors of the faith. Blocking any connection between survival and physics.


From now on let's follow the survivalist philosophers (thinkers) and not the priests (believers). We only have to turn on the radio and television or open up the papers to see what a mistake it is to believe in the supernatural mythology invented by priests in the Dark Ages. The French Thomas Paine - Voltaire - sums up in a few words how dangerous it is to believe what "teachers" with a vested interest are desperate to pump into us:

"People who believe absurdities commit atrocities."

The priests know as much about the power in the universe that creates galaxies and puts life onto planets as the average pussy cat - nothing whatsoever. There is no greater crime in the cosmos than to deliberately indoctrinate young trusting minds with false teachings for selfish ends. From this one heinous crime stems all crime.

All we have to do to find out very quickly how badly we have been deceived by our leaders and teachers is to read just two suppressed books. Thomas Paine's "The Age of Reason" and Arthur Findlay's "The Curse of Ignorance". If only we had been following the survivalist philosophers - Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Paine and Findlay - then nobody would have been killed in any crazy religious squabbles.

Arthur Findlay says we only need just two codes of ethics for our short stay on planet earth. This is philosophy, not religion:

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Even the materialists go along with this because it makes sense. However, the next code is very difficult, if not impossible for them to take on board:

"As you sow, so you will reap."

At the risk of upsetting Prof. Richard Dawkins I am going along with this hearsay that most etheric people hit us with whenever they make contact through a medium. I am going along with it because it makes sense. These etheric people are adamant that we are all personally responsible and liable for our thoughts and actions on earth. This, they say, determines our surroundings in the etheric world. Let's all make a big effort to leave happiness in our wake wherever we go, not misery.

Dawkins, Atkins, Clarke and Vidal will not wince if we talk to them about love as opposed to hatred. This is the battle on earth and in the etheric world. Love and kindness overcoming and defeating misery and hate. This is the reason why we have to be extra careful of what is being said through mediums. Rotten people on earth are just as nasty in the "next world", and also just as stupid and gullible. The only danger is not to recognise this fact.


The Curse of Ignorance by Arthur Findlay (1947), published in two volumes, and details of some of Findlay's other works.

This is the true history of mankind, totally different to the pack of lies taught in a country where the Church and state are established. This passage sums up just how badly the British people have been deceived:

"Such, however, is still [the Church's] influence that this book, which tells the story of the past honestly and fearlessly, will be kept out of our schools and universities by the authorities, and consequently, only in later life will those with enquiring minds discover the truth."

Findlay finishes with a call to the people of the world to throw off the shackles of priestcraft, to make a choice between two paths:

"One is the Secular way (non religious) and the other is the Theological (religious); one is the Democratic and the other the Despotic; one is the sane and the other the insane."

Paine, Thomas "The Age of Reason" 1794.

Thomas Paine was wanted dead or alive in England for daring to fight against slavery and campaigning for all men and women to have the vote. He even submitted a detailed plan for a welfare state. Those caught reading Paine's books were heavily fined or transported to Australia. His pamphlet "Common Sense" was the spark that caused the American and French revolutions. However, this enemy of tyranny has been written out of our history books because exactly 200 years ago he published his banned masterpiece, "The Age of Reason". This challenged the beliefs, power and wealth of the Christian Church. Telling the truth was his downfall:

"Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst; every other species of tyranny is limited to the world we live in, but this attempts to stride beyond the grave, and seeks to pursue us into eternity."

It is now time we introduced this book into every school in the country. As things stand at the moment students do not have access to the intellectual criticism of religion that has been gathered from Paine right through to Prof. Richard Dawkins. Without this balance it is very difficult to distinguish between what is history, and what is mythology.

Contrast the philosophy of Thomas Paine with this passage from the bible, which we are told is the word of God - the creator of the universe:

"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good." - Thomas Paine

"I give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron, thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel." (Psalm 2: 8-9)

Hence the Christian slave trade and colonialism. Even today the law of Britain demands that this evil rubbish is taught to every school child as the word of god!

Kenneth Griffith's documentary on Thomas Paine - The Most Valuable Englishman Ever. Somehow, this documentary crept past the BBC censors and was broadcast in 1982. All requests to the BBC for a repeat have so far been ignored.

However, in spite of this appalling censorship, the English people are finding out about their greatest ever philosopher - the English Voltaire.

Every fighter for philosophical freedom should make it their business to visit Thetford in Norfolk where Thomas was born or Lewes in Sussex where he lived for six years before emigrating to the U.S.A. Walk in the footsteps of this artisan who did more than anybody to free the world from slavery and the curse of priestcraft.

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