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A Rational Scientific Explanation for so-called Psychic Phenomena

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>>...The Suppression of Knowledge (Contents)


Appendix 1

This is part of a most important scientific report that appeared in the "Sunday Times" on 13th December, 1981:

Meanwhile, physicists may be wrong about nine tenths of the Universe.

When physicists make mistakes they can be very big indeed. At the moment they think they may have been wrong for 40 years about the nature of nine tenths of the universe. Their literally cosmic error - if that is what it proves to be - centres on the sub-atomic particles called neutrinos. Until recently it had been assumed that neutrinos had no mass. Now the scientists think, on the contrary, neutrinos may account for all but one-tenth of the mass of our universe.

Not that the physicists are embarrassed. Indeed to those of them who are particularly concerned with the ultimate nature of matter, the idea of a weighty neutrino fits well with their current preoccupation; grand unification theories which attempt to bring within a common theoretical framework all the known forces in nature. Astronomers, too, are attracted by the latest neutrino theory because it could provide a solution to the "missing mass" puzzle about the universe.

The evidence for the missing mass comes from observations of the motion of distant galaxies and the stars in them. This motion can be accounted for under the laws of gravity only if there is far more mass associated with each galaxy than there is in the visible stars that comprise it. The missing mass must extend well beyond the visible part of the galaxy; it is sometimes called the dark halo. All methods of estimating it agree that it amounts to about 90 per cent of the total mass in the universe. In other words the visible stars amount to only about 10 per cent. Unfortunately, considering its new importance in cosmology, the mass of the neutrino is proving very difficult to determine. Neutrinos are the most elusive of all sub-atomic particles. Even if they do have mass, it is very small indeed; and this, combined with their lack of an electric charge, means that they hardly ever interact with ordinary matter. (A neutrino from the sun would stand a good chance of penetrating a thickness of lead stretching to the nearest star without hitting anything) This makes neutrino experiments extremely difficult and so far attempts at measuring their mass have been inconclusive... It may well be years before the question is finally settled. In the meantime nine-tenths of the universe remains missing without explanation.

Appendix 2

This is a letter to the secretary of the Law Commission, dated 17th June, 1982.

Dear Sir,

Please find enclosed my paper entitled "The Suppression of Knowledge" together with my work on the sub-atomic particle called the neutrino. You will see I have based my writing on the recommendation of the Law Commission that the common law offence of blasphemous libel be abolished or at least modified.

In the first "Mail on Sunday" one of our country's leading philosophers, Professor A.J. Ayer, was reported to have described Christianity as morally outrageous and intellectually contemptible.

It is nothing short of scandalous that our modern philosophers, who have the accumulated knowledge of mankind, are denied access to the mass media. They are only allowed to write books and lecture to small audiences.

Until this law is modified the people of this country only have access to the conclusions of ancient simpletons masquerading under the Christian religion. I am sure you will agree this is a ludicrous state of affairs and is no doubt the reason why the Law Commission recommended that this law should be abolished in the first place.

Yours faithfully

Michael Roll

The secretary of the law Commission, Mr. R.H. Streeten, thanked me for sending a copy of my paper together with my work on neutrinos. He said he had read the papers with interest and noted that I agreed with the proposed abolition of the common law offence of blasphemous libel.

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Appendix 3

Professor A. Morton, of Bristol University, asked the following question:

"If as you say, the mind is made up of such an elusive particle as the neutrino how is it that the mind can react so easily with physical matter?"

22nd October, 1982

Professor A. Morton
Dept. of Philosophy
University of Bristol

Dear Professor Morton,

You raise an excellent point with regard to neutrinos. The mind and the etheric body, which consists of neutrinos (or neutrino-like particles) are temporarily housed in physical matter; this is how the mind can react to the physical universe. The etheric body is joined to the physical body by a cord. Once this cord is broken, it is impossible to return to the physical body. This is the true definition of clinical death. People on life support machines are still attached by the cord. They are literally hanging onto life.

Psychical researchers do not think the neutrino is the be all and end all, perhaps just an advanced guard. But at last it has made the physical scientists admit that there could be a vast universe that is beyond our physical senses. This is why I am so excited.

Please keep my enclosed booklet 'The Suppression of Knowledge'. You will see I have the backing of the 1979 Nobel Laureate for physics, Professor A. Salam

Yours sincerely

Michael Roll

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Appendix 4

This sincere plea to the Spiritualists to sever all connections with ancient superstition was sent to the "Psychic News" In May 1982 but not published.

I feel that Spiritualism is at a crossroads in its history. Very shortly a crucial decision will have to be made.

Are we to carry on pretending that Arthur Findlay did not exist in order not to upset the Christian Spiritualists, or are we to throw ourselves behind the scientific psychical researchers?

If we continue to ignore the monumental strides that have been made in education and in the scientific world in the last twenty years, an opportunity will have been lost to prove to millions that there is life after the death of the physical body. All the time we are still aligned with ancient superstition; no intelligent, educated people will take anything we say seriously. They can understand the idea of a man like Jesus trying to knock some sense into ignorant people, but mention the word Christ or only Son of God and we are finished. The magnificent work of our early pioneers, against the fierce and successful opposition from the Establishment, will have been in vain.

In the first "Mail on Sunday" the philosopher, Professor A.J. Ayer, was reported to have described Christianity as:

"Morally outrageous and intellectually contemptible."

It is interesting to compare this with the kind approach of the masters. Silver Birch and others, who speak through their mediums, have gently shown the folly and danger of worshipping man-made gods. This is what Silver Birch-says about Jesus:

"He is not the Nazarene of the Churches, exalted into a deified place, but a great spirit who strives still to serve through many instruments."

Now is the time to break completely from the Christian religion. Because the Christians were responsible for killing millions of people the word Christ is as offensive to students of philosophy as Nazism.

Arthur Findlay's history of mankind, "The Curse of Ignorance", was banned from our schools and universities but not Paul Johnson's "A History of Christianity" (1976). This horror story confirms all Findlay's facts and proves that the Christian religion, invented by the early Church fathers, is the greatest curse ever to hit this planet. When a non-historical Jewish holy man was officially turned into another anointed, pagan saviour-god (Christ) at the Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325., the world was plunged into the Dark Ages and education was totally destroyed until the invention of printing in the fifteenth century. Also Carl Sagan in his television programme "Cosmos" told millions the truth of how the Christians killed the teachers and destroyed their work and libraries.

The priests have fought with all their might to oppose education, because they knew that once the masses could read and write it would be the end of their supernatural religion. This is the sole reason why compulsory primary education only dates from 1876 and secondary education from 1902.

Last year there were many complaints about the first three Victorian principles of Spiritualism. If we fail to alter these, we can forget all about attracting educated, influential people.

1. The Fatherhood of God

This makes the unknown power in the universe that creates galaxies and puts life onto planets sound like big daddy Idi Amin.

2. The Brotherhood of Man

This is much too masculine. The unity of mankind sounds better. With this in mind it is interesting to note that it was not until 1545 at the Council of Trent that the Christians recognized that women had souls - but only by a majority of three votes!

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

Surely this should now read:

Communication with People Living In the Etheric World through Mediums.

The other principles are still applicable today.

I realize that what I have written will upset many people who have not bothered to find out the truth or have been denied access to it. This is why I have referred to Silver Birch, His teachings are sublime, and unlike the words accredited to the master, Jesus, they have not been tampered with over the centuries by religious fanatics.

We are now well into the scientific age. There is nothing the scientists will discover that will cross the laws of nature. Therefore those of us who have been lucky enough to study psychic science are looking forward to the future with great excitement.

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Appendix 5

The following passage was brought to my attention on the very day that I had arranged to meet one of the most influential churchmen in Great Britain. Expecting a slanging match, I was astonished to find that we were in almost total accord.

From the Autobiography of "Ena Twigg, Medium" (1973):

By far the most important event of that entire eventful year of 1967 was the extraordinary prophecy given to us by my great spirit teacher, Philip. I must explain that Philip is not a guide. On the Other Side there are highly evolved entities who come to us to teach, to help us evolve spiritually, and sometimes to impart to us the plans that are in preparation in their world for our world. Teachers like Philip are never involved in bringing evidence of survival or of the departed loved ones of sitters. We love our teacher dearly, and many learned and advanced people - scholars, clergy, government leaders - have come to our home to listen to Philip. Of course, I am always in a trance, but we have many recordings and transcriptions of his lectures.
What I am about to relate took place in October. I was in a trance, and a small group of people was gathered in our home. Philip told us that the Other Side had perfected their plan and was ready to bring it into operation.
"We are going to make an all-out effort to reach the orthodox churches," Philip told us. "We are starting on the Church of Rome, and within the space of a year you will see the Church of Rome split in twain with many conflicts."
"Then we are going to start on ail the other organized religions, and we are prepared to shake the very mortar between the stones of the buildings to let out the dogma and the ritual and to let in a new light that we have lost of love, truth, humanity, and compassion."
Well, the people in our group thought this prophecy was utterly too far out.... they couldn't believe it, particularly about the plan starting with the Church of Rome. At the end of his revelation about the future of the Church, Philip concluded with a statement that "Ena is going to speak in Southwark Cathedral."
When they played the tape back to me, I said "Well, this really is something, No woman has ever spoken in a cathedral before." We did not have to wait very long to see Philip's prophecy about the Church come to pass - the conflict did indeed seem to start in the Church of Rome and spread to other denominations. And it would seem that the plan is still operating.
The other part of the prophecy - that I would "speak in Southwark Cathedral" also came to pass, but not for three years.

Appendix 6

The following are the seventeen slain saviour-gods listed by Arthur Findlay and known to history. Their followers believed them to have lived and died for the sins of the world.

Osiris, Egypt 1,700 B.C.
Bel, Babylon 1,200 B.C.
Atys, Phrygia 1,170 B.C.
Themmuz, Syria 1,160 B.C.
Dionysus, Greece 1,100 B.C.
Krishna, India 1,000 B.C.
Hesus, Europe 834 B.C.
Indra, Thibet 725 B.C.
Bali, Asia 725 B.C.
Lao, Nepaul 622 B.C.
Alcestis, Pherae 600 B.C.
Quexalcote, Mexico 587 B.C.
Wittoba, Travancore 552 B.C.
Prometheus, Greece 547 B.C.
Quirinus, Rome 506 B.B.
Mithra, Persia 400 B.C.
Christ, Rome 325 A.D.

In all, the number of god-men known to religious history comes to thirtyfour, and, of these, seventeen became saviours, around whose lives a story was told similar to the one told about Jesus. All saviour-gods were elevated by their followers to be god-men on earth and saviours and mediators in heaven. Most were believed to be born of virgin mothers. All died to save us from sin. All were reported to have been seen after death. Some of the beliefs surrounding the earlier gods are identical to the Christian story. So much so that Christian missionaries in the eighteenth century thought the natives had heard the stories of Christ before. Indeed they had.


Have you noticed that the starving masses in Ethiopia are wearing crosses? Ethiopia was an Italian colony. These poor, simple natives have been brainwashed by highly intelligent, well educated Jesuit priests to think that it is a mortal sin against their God to take precautions against having children that they cannot afford to feed.

Half the population of Ethiopia are Coptic Christians. These are arguably the original Catholic Christian killers. Their 'great' leader, Bishop Alexander, was the victor over Arius at the Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325, where the Catholic (all-embracing) Christian religion was formulated and accepted as the official religion of the Roman Empire. The other 'great' leader of the Copts was Archbishop Cyril. Remember, he was the lunatic responsible for murdering Hypatia and burning her library at Alexandria together with its priceless contents. Cyril is still a famous 'Saint'.

The Copts even have their own Pope, Shenuda Ill. Shenuda Ill was detained by the Egyptians between 1981 and 1988, for stirring up hatred between Christians and other priestly victims. Just par for the course.